House rules

Horse race rules

Starting the game

  1. Prepare the dice, a deck of cards, and the horse race game board
  2. Discard the Aces, Kings, and Jokers, and it will leave 44 cards
  3. Shuffle and deal the 44 cards evenly and discard the remaining
  4. Each player must pay the entry fee for the race ($0.25 ante set aside for Jockey purse - person who rolls the winner)

The Scratch Round

  1. Place the horses at their starting gates
  2. Four horses must be scratched before the race starts
  3. Highest roll will be "starting player" (roll off if tied) and that player rolls the dice for the first horse to be scratched. (For example, if a three and five are rolled, the 8 horse is scratched). Move the 8 horse to the first scratch hole behind its starting gate and all players that show an 8 card in their hand pays $0.25 per card and the 8s are all discarded.
  4. The player to the left of that player rolls for the second scratched horse. If they roll an already scratched horse, roller pays the scratch fee and passes the dice to next player. If not previously scratched, that horse # moves to the second scratch hole behind its starting gate and anyone holding that card(s) in their hand pays $0.50 per card and all of those cards are discarded.
  5. Continue this for the third and fourth horses to scratch, discarding the card(s) of that horse # from player's hands and those player's paying to the pot (3rd scratch $0.75 per card / 4th scratch $1 per card)

The Race

  1. The horses remaining at the gate are ready to start racing
  2. The next person to the left of the last scratch roller, begins the race by rolling the dice
  3. If player totals up a horse that's not scratched, move that horse one spot forward towards finish line
  4. If player totals up a scratched horse, pay the scratch fee ($.25/.50/.75/$1) and pass the dice to the left
  5. Play continues around the table, either paying scratch fee, or moving a horse until one reaches the finish line

Ending the game

  1. Your cards are your shares of each horse in the race
  2. Each card with the winning horse's number wins 25% of the pot (minus jockey purse). For example, if horse number 9 wins and you have two 9s in your hand, you would win half the pot ( 2 nines x 25% = 50% ). If you have 0 nines in your hand, YOU GET NOTHING. GOOD DAY SIR!
  3. If multiple races will be run, the person the left of the winning jockey is the new "starting player" and the game resets